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How Do I Gain More Control of My Mind?

Become Aware of my Thoughts

  1. Listen to my body for clues: Am I holding tension anywhere? Does anything hurt? What feels off?

  2. Listen to my mood for clues: Am I irritable? Am I sad? Am I overwhelmed?

  3. Listen to interactions with others: What is the energy? What are people reflecting back to me? What would my best friend ask me about right now?

Practice Mindfulness

  1. Now that I am aware of my thoughts, I can begin to simply NOTICE and identify them; even give them a name

  2. I do not assign good or bad, I just notice - I do not tell myself a story or hold any narrative around my experience

  3. Hold myself in a space of compassion and empathy

Cultivate Choice

  1. Recognize who or what is behind the message or messages (i.e., is this the "black cloud”, inner critic or is this my authentic self?)

  2. I am now in a position to choose what belief system I want to stand in

  3. Interject my faith and/or inner wisdom to help discern which beliefs truly set me free

  4. Claim a more freeing, truthful and empowering belief and feel the difference!

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