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Poppy Flower

click here to set up a time to chat -

no strings attached

Let's set up a 30 minute free video or phone conversation, okay?


These 30 minutes will be a time just for you and me to touch base and then afterwards, you can determine if you think I am someone who can help you. Keep in mind the most important factor in a therapeutic relationship is trust and sense of connection. Sound good?

Girl Laying by Pool


Bottom line is that...

It matters whether you feel comfortable or not. It matters that you experience sharing this space with me so you can come back and be able to show up to your sessions. I mean, really show up – not just your physical self, but the hurting, confused and more vulnerable parts that are the ones longing for support, tools and relief. If this is going to be a successful investment, you have to establish trust. Many therapists believe they can help everyone – and maybe they can, but I tend to be more sensitive to the experience and overall “feel” of someone. This is our chance to get comfortable moving forward.


This is a great time to ask questions about me, the process and what you can expect. 

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