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You feel mostly good.

Wellllll, almost.  On the outside at least, right?

Everyone says you look super happy and assume you have it all together


but you notice that you:   

feel awful about yourself

worry about what others think

struggle to live up to certain expectations

are uncertain most of the time

are your own worst enemy

obsess over things that you cannot control

strive for perfection - and come up short

don't know you have a voice

are not sure how to live intuitively

do not yet understand who you are

​​Let's roll up our sleeves together - 

I combine psychotherapy with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Internal Family Systems coaching (IFS) and Co-Active Coaching (CTI) as I partner with you to help you increase your sense of self in order to live with greater confidence, awareness, intention and strength. We have a lot of tools to pull from, such as:

  • The power of an experiential re-frame

  • Perspective building

  • Your Future Self exercise

  • The value of core values

  • Clarification tools

  • Parts-of-the-self 

  • Unique goal setting strategies

  • Mapping techniques

  • and more!


But let's craft a relationship first - 

I, as your therapist/guide/coach will sit with you in a supportive and non-judgmental way to stimulate deep yet gentle conversations. This is the space to slow down, be heard and invited to access your wealth of internal resources and sense of what is true. My intention is with every interaction we have I help you to understand, build upon and strengthen your self-beliefs; ultimately, beliefs that recognize your intrinsic worth, innate value and smarts. Yes girl, your SMARTS.


With this combination as our working foundation,

life has a way of becoming simplified and exciting as you experience fresh energy and zest. Although I integrate powerful and invigorating tools into our sessions together, life coaching is not necessarily about properly using tools and techniques; rather, when you cultivate an rich and clearer understanding of who you are and how you show up in the world and your relationships, you will have made the most important connection of all: connection to your Self. To your Core. To God. From this space, you’ve unlocked your power and creativity and harnessed everything you’ll ever need to navigate a life you want with dignity, grace and a new-found sense of confidence.

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