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Heart racing. Thoughts jumbled.

Can't sleep, can't breathe.

Maybe you've even tried all "the things" and still. feel. anxious.


It is so frustrating and discouraging, I know...

It's hard to sleep when you can't shut off your mind.

It's hard to go to work, go to school, go to gatherings or to run errands when your body is revved up like a freight train all the time.

It's hard to articulate or communicate what you're actually feeling, thinking or needing because your thoughts are running 2,000,000 miles per hour.

Do you relate?

Sister, the good news is that  THERE IS HOPE. I promise.

I utilize the kind of tools that are just as innovative, creative, resourceful and unique as you are

Seriously. I pull from a variety of disciplines and specifically seek and find which ones work for YOU. You are not like any other person on the planet and I honor that in you. It is also why I work hard to listen for and find your voice, your message, your needs and link them with powerful tools that empower you to:

slow down

think more clearly

gain confidence in your mind-space

create room for grace and compassion

experience relief and relaxation

navigate anxiety and panic in an entirely new way

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