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Hi, I'm Sara! 

I get it. And it's important that you know I get it.


My work is not only informed by my professional training and experience, but also heavily by my personal life experiences. I come into our sessions as a professional, yet equally as a fellow human being who is capable of holding whatever you need me to hold for you. I, just like many of my clients, know what it is to be exhausted, anxious, running on empty, or as though I can't ever shut off my brain. I also know conflicted relationships, fear, PTSD, grief, disappointment, abuse and heart ache. Hey, I even know what it's like to live as a bald woman in today's world.


YUP! I just said that.

I believe in full transparency; both as a human and as a therapist. Click here to read more (if you're interested) because maybe you will find something here that is interesting, of importance to you or that you can relate to or will be helpful as you determine whether or not we're a good fit.

what brings you here today?

finish this sentence with one of the columns below:
"I find that I..."
  • get anxious and panicked

  • am struggling with everything

  • have recently experienced a loss

  • am really hard on myself

  • feel pretty confused

  • think or feel poorly about myself

  • have to be perfect, in control or have it all together

  • am lost and exhausted

  • don't know how to do this right now

Fort Collins Women's Counselor
  • have experienced a trauma(s)

  • can get panicky

  • can't seem to calm my mind or body down 

  • get easily upset or triggered

  • feel like I overreact to things

  • am always feeling fearful

  • have memory difficulties

  • struggle with how angry or defeated I can feel

  • really want to move on

Woman with anxiety needing help
  • feel confused in my faith

  • want to strengthen my beliefs

  • have head knowledge but have a hard time dropping down into my heart

  • want to know more about what the Lord wants for me

  • want to use my faith for healing

  • don't hear from God anymore

  • have been hurt by the church

  • want to get clear on my purpose

Woman praying asking for help
Poppy Flower

I can show you how to Rise Again

(and again)


EMDR and PTSD Recovery

Something has happened. Your life has changed; YOU have changed and maybe you can pinpoint the event or maybe it is the result of multiple or long-term exposure to distress. Or maybe you don't even realize it yet. The good news? There is ALWAYS always always hope...

Anxiety and Panic Reduction

It's hard to breathe sometimes. Your body (stomach and/or chest) gets tight, your words jumble and you can't seem to slow down your mind. Or thoughts. Or heartbeat. The good news? There are powerful and innovative ways to navigate your anxiety and nerves...

Personal Discovery and Growth

You have lost your voice. Or you struggle to recognize your worth or pinpoint what makes you YOU. You are rundown, struggle with conditioned harsh beliefs about yourself - maybe you even strive to be perfect in order to feel okay. The good news? You are not lost...

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