Sara Hunter
Licensed Professional Counselor, Professional Life Coach

A 100% virtual counseling service for

Colorado residents

(Counseling has never been so convenient. Or effective. Or doable. Wait until you try a video session - you might actually love it too!)

What brings you here today?
finish this sentence with one of the columns below:
"I find that I..."
  • get anxious and panicked

  • am in some really hard times

  • have recently experienced a loss

  • am really hard on myself

  • am confused about so many things

  • think or feel poorly about myself

  • have to be perfect, in control or have it all together

  • am lost and exhausted

  • don't know how to do this right now

  • have a teenage daughter 

  • am worried about my girl

  • see and hear things from her that confuse and scare me

  • have a teenager who self-harms

  • am terrified my daughter is suicidal

  • have a great kid who has started acting out - she doesn't seem the same

  • am willing to do whatever it takes to get my daughter some help

  • am passionate - or burnt out by ministry 

  • have to have it all together

  • am suffering but don't know where to turn

  • carry so much 

  • don't know where I can go with how burdened I feel sometimes

  • am embarrassed my faith doesn't always feel stronger than my worries

counseling or coaching, which one do I need?

I am a trained professional in both fields but honestly, everyone who comes to me will get a good dose of life coaching. Why? Because it is a refreshing approach that is engaging, effective, experiential and clients naturally lean in to it. You will experience how a coach views the client differently than a more traditional psychotherapist because I will:

  • treat you as though you are already creative, whole and resourceful; not broken or needing to be fixed

  • see you as the expert and help you discover and tap into what you already might know

  • ask you creative, often different types of questions to help you more quickly identify obstacles, patterns or opportunities

  • interact and engage with you at your pace and not hold a personal agenda

  • pull from a variety of tools, approaches, skills and experiences to see what you connect with. You are not a one-size-fits-all!

While all my clients will experience coaching techniques, coaching-specific clients will not get a taste of therapy. Life coaching does not diagnose, treat or work with symptoms of traumatic stress, depression or other more debilitating manifestations of dis-ease. Read through the following differences to help determine what you are looking for:


-Feeling unsettled, anxious or depressed

-Looking for healing 

-Trying to recover from a stressor or trauma

-Wanting to understand themselves more deeply

-Wanting tools and skills to help find relief

-Looking to increase confidence, esteem and control


Clients are in the state of Colorado where I am licensed to work



-Wanting to reach a specific goal

-Focusing on the present time and the future 

-Looking for direction and next steps

-Wanting clarity, a sense of purpose or a vision

-In transition 

-Eager for what is next, but might be stuck


Clients can be nationwide and I work in person, over the phone or through video conferencing

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