Your girl isn't acting the same.

She's stressed. You're stressed. 

You think she might need help, yet counseling seems like a big deal and you're not even sure it can do anything for her.


It's okay, I understand. I have four daughters of my own

 First step?

Your job is to get her in the door for a free consultation and I'll take it from there. Together, your daughter and I will decide if we are a good fit and then we will come up with a plan.



Signs your daughter is suffering and could benefit from counseling:

  • Sudden change in mood, appetite, weight, friends

  • Emotional outbursts

  • Overly stressed and becomes easily frustrated

  • Violent or illegal behaviors (stealing, fighting, drug possession)

  • Changes in family situations (move, loss, divorce, remarriage)

  • Self-harm

  • Suicidal thoughts, ideation or attempt

  • Low self-esteem or confidence (speaks poorly of herself or her capabilities)

  • Spends a lot of time worrying or is anxious

  • Complains of headaches or stomach aches and medical issues have been ruled out by a medical doctor

  • Withdrawal from things she used to enjoy or friends she used to like

  • Unhealthy dating behavior or risky sexual behavior

  • Drug or alcohol use

  • Tragic events close to home or the community

  • Difficulty in school (grades and/or behavior)

  • Onset of illness in her or a loved one

My approach to counseling your daughter:

I ease her into the process and help her get comfortable talking to a "therapist"

build on language that works to cross barriers, age gaps and blurs the "me vs. you"

I invite an alliance, a partnership - the "we" mentality

I remind her again and again that she is her own expert and has a voice to be heard

I empower her to see what is innately good, unique and beautiful about who she is and how she was created

I teach her how to slow down, become mindful, so she can make better decisions based on what she values and deems important

I show her how she can have a sense of authority and control over herself, her thoughts and her feelings

We talk about shame. We talk about guilt. We talk about our ultimate fear of not being good enough or not having value

I roll up my sleeves, go deep and then show her how she can walk towards light

I do art therapy, draw models, work through diagrams, encourage journaling, deep breathing and self-reflection

We discuss what kind of woman she wants to become, why, and then how to get there

I guide her through visualizations to help her gain clarity

I give her my cell phone number and let her know she can text me if she wants to

(I have never had a client abuse this)

I refer out, I make outside recommendations, I collaborate; all to ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach to your daughter and family