A Harmonizing Approach to Healing

rapid results, safe, effective, FDA approved, minimal client participation

LENS Neurofeedback quickly addresses:

  • Anxiety/Panic                 

  • PTSD

  • Depression

  • Stress and Distress

  • Substance Abuse

  • Focus

  • Trauma    

  • TMI and Concussive Syndrome

  • Sleep Difficulties

  • Migraines

  • Dysregulated Emotions

  • ADHD


  • More affordable assessment and protocol session (no QEEG)

  • Promotes brain's natural healing process with no need for client participation, which means it is...

  • Ideal for those who prefer less involvement in their treatment but need results fast

  • Fewer sessions needed. Many clients report stabilized results within as little as 10 sessions

Traditional Neurofeedback:​

  • Higher cost for initial brain mapping (QEEG) assessment protocol

  • Re-trains the brain through operant conditioning, which...

  • Requires active client participation during treatment and in some cases, between sessions

  • Requires several sessions (30-40 sessions) for sustainable results

What is neurofeedback?

In simple terms, it is a safe and harmless procedure that interrupts dysfunctional brainwave patterns and encourages the brain to restore itself. When our brain is optimized, problematic symptoms decrease

Neuroscientists recognize that your brain has the ability to create new neural pathways throughout your life. This is called neuroplasticity and it literally refers to how your brain is able to re-wire itself. Isn't that fascinating? I mean, it kind of blows me away. We actually have a natural mechanism that is doing this all of the time in response to our environment, experiences, our thoughts, actions and feelings. So when you think about it, everything we internally process provides "feedback" to our brains, creating pathways that affect our overall functioning. This intervention targets the ability to improve the pathways and brainwave patterns which can ultimately lead to the reduction of symptoms and in some cases, eliminate them altogether. 

LENS Neurofeedback and why I chose this method:

LENS (low energy neurofeedback system) is different from other more traditional forms of biofeedback in that it is not a process of trying to condition the brain based on a model of optimal functioning. It specifically looks at YOUR personal brainwave activity and works to communicate, through mirroring, to your brain areas that are either over or under functioning. This stimulates the brain's natural ability to re-wire itself, thereby restoring it's own functions and reducing your symptoms. In other words, this allows your brain to heal itself and return to a greater state of equilibrium - which ultimately means more peace, tranquility, relaxation, greater emotional control, clarity in your thinking, increased management of stress and overall a better sense of well-being. All in a significantly shorter amount of time than other systems. Are you with me?!


To be clear, both traditional and LENS neurofeedback are effective, supported by research and worth exploring. I have outlined for you some significant differences between the two to help you get started.

"In as little as 3 treatments of LENS Neurofeedback, I had measurable improvement in all aspects that I was there for. Sara makes the whole neurofeedback process so comfortable and easy with her knowledge and her respect. She answers all questions and makes sure you are aware of anything you would need to know in regards to the process and what results to expect. She is sure to check in with you each time and does not make you feel like ‘just another client’. I would recommend LENS neurofeedback with Sara to any woman looking for the best :)"   J.W.